Message from APO Theta Alumni Association (Philippines) External Vice President Brod Mon Bernardo

March 15, 2016

Fellow Brothers and Sisters,

With due consideration on the suggestions received as to the date to hold our 2017 Grand Reunion, your alumni board have officially decided to hold the Grand Reunion on the 3rd week of February 2017. Conversely, the 3rd week will coincide with our traditional February Fair to also give us a chance to attend the event.

The inclusive dates for the reunion shall be from February 16 – 18, 2017 and accommodation arrangements, which forms part of our reunion registration fees, are included on those dates. For those who wish to come in as early as February 14, 2017 to attend the February Fair, you may coordinate with the committee in charge of accommodations, which we will announce in the succeeding advisories, to make the arrangements so you can attend the university activities.

In as much as we want to satisfy everybody especially our brothers and sisters from abroad, we have to decide on the above schedule to address the majority consensus. And as mentioned in the earlier advisory, holding the reunion in February will be beneficial especially to our “expat” brothers and sisters in terms of favorable weather in Manila and low airfare (lean month period).

Thank you for your kind understanding and support.

Mon Bernardo
APO Theta Alumni Association, Philippines
Vice President - External Affairs

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