Message from APO Theta Alumni Association (North America) Treasurer Brod Philip Lacbawan

March 15, 2016

Brods and Sis,

Preparation for the 2017 Global re-union is heating up. Time to resend the pledge list. Let us all do our part in getting the enthusiasm and good vibes going.

Here is an update of the list of pledgers and collection. Our original plan was to collect by November 2015 and it is now March 2016. With additional pledges since my last report September 2015, pledges total PHP 639,400.00. Collected so far is PHP 125,800.00 and I have this amount with me for now. I recommend that we close this fund raising efforts end of this month - March 2016. The re-union core group has already been organized and it is but time to turn over the pledges. To summarize Brod Mario S. "have the collection early so the core group can plan ahead and get better deals".

Brods and Sis now is the time to remit you pledges. Address is 1003 Princeton Place Rockville Maryland 20850. If you already paid to Theta designated Bank Account in the Philippines, please let me know so I can update the list. Note that there will be minor discrepancies due to exchange rate fluctuation but I will give the full accounting after the fund raising comes to a close.

For Brods and Sis who want to join this first round of fund raising drive you are more than welcome.

For North America Brods and Sis, I understand from previous communications that the advance registration is $200. You can send that to me (payable to Philip Lacbawan) as well. My address and contact information is above. I can pool the collection and the send them by the end of this month. Again, it would big help to the core group if they have cash in the bank to plan and work with.

Reminds me of UPLB days. Towards the end of the week lahat wala nang pera/walang budget. Yet all would like to have an alcohol boost for the weekend. So a brod would start 25 centavos patak patak collecting from everybody including friends, girl/boy friends and associates. The collection would be enough for a bottle of gin and of course it is not enough so the round of collection goes again and again until there is enough alcohol for everybody. Minsan pa nga ang collection sapat para sa isang kahang beer.

Patak patak ulit tayo. Before it was for gin and katuwaan. Ngayon it is for a bigger cause, para sa Theta para sa APO, para sa atin.

Thank you for all that you do for APO. Errors and omissions, please let me know.

1. Brod Mario Sopena Paid
2. Brod Philip Lacbawan Paid
3. Brod Anonymous
4. Brod Anonymous
5. Batch 1990 - need contact person
6. Batch 1960 - c/o Mario Buenaventura
7. Batch 1980 - need contact person
8. Brod Rocky Marte
9. Brod Leo Plurad
10. Sis Melba Reantaso
11. Brod Jun Lugod
12. Brod Rainer Leopando
13. Brod Bong Ebron Paid
14. Sis Cora Davis
15. Brod Edwin Marquez Paid
16. Brod Dodo Fernandez
17. Brod Jack Villarete
18. Brod Luis Paredes - Need contact person
19. Sis Jackie Caancan
20. Sis Angie Olegario
21. Brod Tony Castillo Paid
22. Brod George Castillo RIP (In memoriam) Paid
23. Brod Pons Gordovez Paid
24. Brod Mody Olympia Paid

Amount Pledged = Php 639,400.00
Amount Received as of September 2015 = Php 125,800.00

In Service,

Philip Lacbawan
APO Theta Alumni Association, North America

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