Message from APO Theta Alumni Association (Philippines) Internal Vice President Brod Tony Mira

March 8, 2016

APO Theta Alumni Association

To all Theta Alumni Brothers & Sisters,

The unofficial list of APO Theta Alumni Brothers and Sisters who are officially members of the association includes only a total of 120 names. The Committee on membership is now in the process of validating/updating this list, which may be lacking or inaccurate because of the circumstances at that time. We intend to publish the official list after our next BOT/Officers regular monthly meeting which is scheduled on March 12, 2016. This is for everyone to look for your name and see for yourself if you are listed and accordingly register your complaints/comments if you have any.

On matters pertaining to membership fee, annual fee and other fees, The committee will also review the existing "amounts" being collected from the members. One very significant aspect to be considered is the financial condition of the association in relation to the proposed service projects to be implemented for CY 2016-2017. These projects will cover all four (4) fields of service with (1) project each for the; service to the campus, youth and the community, to the nation and to the members.

With our present number/members/strength, assuming we reach 200 membership with each member paying P300.00 annual fee, we will be operating on a P60,000 budget per year. If that alone is our source of fund, where will we get the rest of the money to finance our projects? We have to double time in our effort/s to "reach out" to our brothers and sister who are not yet accounted for, to locate and recruit them to actively participate on all our endeavors.

In our next advisory, we will also publish the names of point person/s per decade, per year, per batch who shall facilitate the location/recruitment of Theta Alumni brothers and sisters who are still unaccounted.

May our concerted efforts unite us all..........

Tony Mira
APO Theta Alumni Association, Philippines
Vice President - Internal Affairs

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